Soooo back int he middle of last year I volunteered for a "Night of Improv" at a Chamber Choir donor's house. I wasn't sure about what it was, just that it would include Paul English. And now it's this Sunday, and I have only a vague idea of what it's about. Paul wants to wing it to some degree, give me the first half-hour and him the second and do a thing together at the end, which is fine with me, but I am only kind of an expert in improv, my master's was really a survey of perspectives from which to improvise, so my heart beats very fast and adrenaline floods me whenever I think about it being this week, and I'm going to make some notes and bring them with me.

Explain what CI degree is
studied improv from 3 perspectives:
-learning conventions of idioms (but not in super depth): (choro, early jazz, dastgah, Appalachian folk, shir, raga, gospel, medieval organum/Renaissance fauxbourdon)
--explain what dastgahs are (quartersteppable)
--demonstrate/explain what ragas are (shrutis in avaroha and aroha)
-learning parameters of evaluation for free improv (NO SOUP, texture interest, useful beginning, middle, end)
--demonstrate/explain what free is

-development of personal style: express internal, whether it be emotion or harmonic interest or melodic leading
--Place Improv
--Unat Razi? If enough choral volunteers
--"Classical"? I like heavy Russians and light French, +harmonic collaborators I like improvising in those styles
--explain about multitracking accompaniment improvs, how improv is composition
--Funnest: Carroll madrigals

Beirut 66 with Paul?


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