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( Mar. 6th, 2013 11:46 pm)
So yesterday I livetweeted the 2010 Shakespeare's Globe production Henry IV part 1, which our favorite northern pianist featured as Hal, and the lovely and talented Sam Crane as Hotspur. It resulted in a couple reponses, thus:

I took Jamie Parker's livetweet virginity. Jamie Parker, whose performance as Scripps in The History Boys has been the only modern Christian in TV that I've ever sympathized with. Whose pianistic shenanigans have caused me endless heartache. Whose Pheasantry gig entirely of Sondheim and surprisingly accomplished (though unsurprisingly gorgeous) singing voice are at this very moment in the process of changing my life.


Sam Crane is glad I know what a glaive is.

Excuse me while I explode.



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