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( Mar. 22nd, 2013 06:37 pm)
I’m about to go to the first semitheatrical rehearsal I’ve had in… at least four years (not counting the Unknown Mozart scenes I did in grad school, because there are times when opera calls for acting, and times when it… does not. Much. Sorry, Tony. Also, I got to cross-dress, which was fun but not emotionally-dramatically strenuous).

I’m one of five women (almost all Marys) in a feminist easter thingy called Easter In Memory of Her, and yes, it’s church-related, but also it’s a much cooler church than the one for which I’m a staff singer. And it’s monologues plus like a two-line mantra. So. Monologue. Which I have not done for at least… 6 years. I was not nervous at all while learning it, as I’ve always been pretty quick to memorize if I apply myself, and I was pretty secure in my ability to act it well, maybe even very well, but it occurs to me now that I haven’t done this in 6 years and I could easily be wrong.

Especially since one of the lines I have, I kid you not, is “the horror of it all!”

Yeah, the person who organized it wrote the monologues. Most of it’s pretty standard idiomatic bible-paraphrasing, with extra feminine-POV, but that’s… I don’t know how I’m going to deliver it effectively unless they let me just pitch a total breakdown.

It’s such a dramatically excellent story, you know, the Passion play, so easy to sympathize with, whether or not you believe in the divinity of its protagonist (which I don’t, but shh, they might fire me), and there’s a nice weight of theatrical history behind it, and it’s good that someone’s looking at it from a feminist perspective, so I’m not exactly disappointed that this is my first venture back into acting after a long dry spell, but I’m a bit apprehensive.


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