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( Oct. 8th, 2012 01:33 pm)
Accidentally wrote a song on the way to IBC after lunch with Joodles. Writing it here in case I don't remember it later:

The way is long and winding
('s m r d 't drd't'l)
The feet fair tired and sore
('s 'l r m 't 's)
The road's end never finding
('s m r d 't drd't'l)
For roads have ends no more
('s 'l r m 't 'l)
But go you ever forward and
('s d d d r m m s)
See what lies there in store
(m r d 'l 's 'r)
But what you find before you is
('m 'l 'l 'l 't d m r)
What you have found before
(d r d 'l 's 'l)


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