These things just get worse and worse. Apologies for those with literary/poetic taste.

Did I just ride a cheetah, lithe and fleet?
Did I unknown win Atalanta’s skill?
Hung I from Hermes’ wingéd, sandal’d feet?
Did I bend Pegasus unto my will?
Was I a passenger on peerless drake?
Did I attach the Sidhe’s swift hunting hound?
What wondrous travel did I undertake?
Rode I in Phoebus’ chariot’s daily round?
How came I so direct upon my goal?
I scarce recall the journey I set on,
It seems that only minutes from me stole;
That I came here as soon as looked anon.
“What was this godly speed?” the throng inquires!
Oh, I know: I just filled the damn bike tires.



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