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And what is a woman, but a scary loaf?


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Birthdate:Oct 4
Location:Texas, United States of America
Rar. I play with metal.

Marriage is love.

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a bit of fry and laurie, a capella ensembles, a cappella, acting, anatomy, ancient egypt, ancient mediterranean history, anne mccaffrey, anthropomorphism, art nouveau, babe, barber, barefootedness, bernstein, black books, boston, britten, cats, chainmail, classic rock, classical guitar, classical improv, composing, concrete, copper, crenels, debussy, disney robin hood, dr. horrible, drama, drawing, dremels, editing, enamel, england, english, errolyn wallen, fantasy, fantasy/sci-fi, faure, fauré, fire, firefly, frogs, glassblowing, gothic architecture, guastavino, heavy machinery, hoarding, house md, independence, invented languages, iridescence, iron man, jewels, journey, kabalevsky, knives, latin, leather, led zeppelin, life, limpopo, linguistics, macgyver, madrigals, meat, medieval architecture, melanie rawn, menotti, metal, molten copper, monteverdi, mucha, oldies, opals, opera, orff, palestrina, parrish, pern, peter pan, phonology, piano, piazzolla, piling, pliers, pondering, poulenc, power tools, pre-raphaelites, princess bride, queen, rachmaninoff, ravel, reading, reggie cbm ii, requiems, robert avalon, rocks, romans, romantic-period music, russian, samuel barber, school, science fiction, scriabin, semiprecious gems, shifters, shostakovich, simon & garfunkel, singing, sketching, smithing, solitude, stained glass, stargate, steak juice, symphonic, symphonic music, talitha mackenzie, talitha mckenzie, tchaikovsky, the doors, the middle ages, the renaissance period, the romantic period, the who, theater, therianthropy, uncertain outcome, verdi, vespers, vocals, weirdness, welding, wereness, wire, wirework, writing, yellow submarine, yes
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