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( Nov. 3rd, 2014 05:11 pm)
It's gonna be three eventful weekends in a row. Last weekend, it was Halloween, my very favorite. I even had a costume all day; it turned out really well, and I made a crown for it that I'm still pretty proud of. With materials I got (except the leaves) (well, actually most of the quartz I already had, also) from the weekend before, at the Gem Show. It had been years since I'd been, I think, and definitely years since I'd seen Sandy, but Dag was also there, and it was weird and comfortable and kind of good to be reminded that they have known me since I was small and I was basically raised among the opals.

The Gem Show was on top of the wedding I had to sing with laryngitis, which was an interesting and not entirely pleasant experience, but I didn't completely disgrace myself and I got home in time to stream Henry V for St. Crispin's Day, and a bunch of people I didn't expect showed up from Sam's stream, which was nice, because I felt like it needed a good celebration. As did Halloween, on Friday, which I celebrated, as is my tradition in recent years, by myself in my room with candles and Lloyd Webber. If Susan or Jenny were around, I suspect we'd be howling on rooftops, but as it is I can dance myself to exhaustion quite effectively.

And next weekend I am taking Laura and her son to the RenFest, which they've never been to here, and then that very evening is the chamber choir concert. We'll see how exhausted I am. Looking forward to it, actually; I like all the rep on this concert, and there is nothing like the RenFest, plus I get to hang out all day with Laura, so, really, no downside. Even achy feet will be okay. I will probably sleep pretty hard, though.


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