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( Sep. 16th, 2014 03:01 pm)
First chamber choir concert (inside the city limits) of the season tonight. Dan is bringing an unexpected number of people, both of whom are subbing for me in upcoming Wednesday night church rehearsals, since high holidays are soon and full of Wednesday rehearsals. Man, I will be glad when that is done with.

Then again, the symphony chorus thinks I can do more concerts than I probably can; I sent them an email about it, so we'll see what happens. If I do those, it will be several weeks of every-night rehearsal interspersed throughout the season, and I am a little reticent to get back to that kind of schedule.

I do at some point want to play another Vivat & Hail gig, but first I need to write a couple more songs (or teach the others some Crash Kings covers, maybe that fun Toto song).

Reggie, after near-complete radio silence for months, invited me last night to see the Barber violin concerto on my birthday. I was in the middle of the chamber choir's Cathedral dress rehearsal, but it is not often lately I get texts from Reggie, so I semi-covertly responded about Yom Kippur gigs and invited him to the concert and dropped by his house after rehearsal was over in case he was home. He wasn't, but I had a good time jamming in the car till I tried to leave and discovered the battery had run down and the car wouldn't start. David and mama came and jumped it, but I am perturbed as to why an hour of cd-player juice would kill a car battery. I even turned the lights off. Hmm.

So I am a little tired today, but I think the concert will be good and also several people are coming.


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